3 10/21/2017

The guys were nice enough. However, they did more work than I ask them to. When I informed them I didn't ok, they didn't charge me for the parts, but did charge me for the labor. Which I guess is fine, but I wasn't thrilled to pay as much as I did. I was excited about the after hours drop since I work really long days. However, when I got back to my car an overhead light had been left on and the battery was almost dead. Fortunately I got there before it was completely dead or I would've been stranded, late at night after a long day of work......

5 10/20/2017

Fast service. Friendly staff

5 10/19/2017

These guys are great. Very thorough, friendly and professional I came in for a comprehensive check of a car I was about to buy. They saved me from almost certainly buying an awful car. T

5 10/18/2017

Another satisfying visit to Honest One. They always take care of my car quickly & professionally. Thanks again!

5 10/17/2017

Both times using their services they have been awesome and I've wound up paying less than I expected. I am really impressed and will continue to use them in the future.

5 10/12/2017

Came in to get the car checked out and they did just that. Quick turnaround too.

5 9/25/2017

Great staff, fast service, fair prices, they warranty parts AND labor. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

5 7/28/2017

wonderful service, quick, explained everything clearly

5 7/9/2017

Friendly quick service!

5 7/7/2017

Scott and the Honest 1 team are always super helpful and quick!