5 11/13/2017

I love Honest1 Auto. From the first time I went in, desperate to have a mechanic take a look at my squeaking brakes - they got me in and out as fast as possible so I could be back on the road. Their service is incredible and they were willing to match a competitors price for new brakes. I've been a customer ever since. I previously dreaded going to the car repair shop because it was always greasy and gross men who spoke to me in condescending ways...not these guys! The people at Honest1 explain what is going on with my car and consult me before making any costly repairs. I'm able to get in for same day service for oil changes and whenever I need an honest opinion on car care, I stop in. I couldn't recommend them higher!

5 11/2/2017

the best!

5 10/30/2017

Great, quick service.

5 10/26/2017

Nice guys.

3 10/21/2017

The guys were nice enough. However, they did more work than I ask them to. When I informed them I didn't ok, they didn't charge me for the parts, but did charge me for the labor. Which I guess is fine, but I wasn't thrilled to pay as much as I did. I was excited about the after hours drop since I work really long days. However, when I got back to my car an overhead light had been left on and the battery was almost dead. Fortunately I got there before it was completely dead or I would've been stranded, late at night after a long day of work......

5 10/20/2017

Fast service. Friendly staff

5 10/19/2017

These guys are great. Very thorough, friendly and professional I came in for a comprehensive check of a car I was about to buy. They saved me from almost certainly buying an awful car. T

5 10/18/2017

Another satisfying visit to Honest One. They always take care of my car quickly & professionally. Thanks again!

5 10/17/2017

Both times using their services they have been awesome and I've wound up paying less than I expected. I am really impressed and will continue to use them in the future.

5 10/12/2017

Came in to get the car checked out and they did just that. Quick turnaround too.